Jaylen Parks

Jaylen Parks, a third-grader at Match Community Day, has been a member of the Match family since K1. At school, he is a hard worker who loves to build worlds with his legos. At home, he is a risk-taker, always looking for a new challenge. Sports are his passion.

Last summer, Jaylen was given an opportunity to attend Camp Mitton, an overnight camp in Brewster, Massachusetts, for three weeks. Both Jaylen and his mother, Sandra, were a little nervous about Jaylen’s first time being far away from home, but were confident that he was up for the challenge.

At camp, Jaylen conquered obstacles small and large. Everything from learning how to not fall out of the bunk bed at night to catching fish in the river. He loved living out in nature for the most part. He was not a fan of the rain and winds pushing his cabin door open in the evening, but he quickly solved this problem by pushing a large rock against the door at night.

Jaylen highly recommends Camp Mitton because he believes that the kids will learn all kinds of new skills and ideas, just like he did. Jaylen arrived at camp very afraid of the snakes and bass that lived in the pond, but he got over his fears because he now knows “the bass don't eat humans they only eat little fish and I am glad I am not a fish.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jaylen.

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