Our Mission

Match More connects our students and families to high-quality summer learning programs

Match began as a single high school, and by 2011 we had expanded to include a middle school and an elementary school. Each expansion reflected our growing understanding of the achievement gap.

As we were growing our school, we were aware that quality summer experiences were also crucial to the development of our students, but we didn’t have a solution to that piece of the puzzle. How could we ensure that all of our students would have opportunities to retain and build upon their academic and social skills during the summer?

The answer was Match More.

Match More is founded on the belief that we can find and build partnerships with quality summer programs and support our students by building a web-based and crowd-based fundraising community.

We have always wanted to help our families and students, year in and year out, reach for quality summer experiences so that our students can make progress as scholars and grow as human beings. Every child should grow and learn each summer.

We will fight really hard to institutionalize Match More so that, in perpetuity, we can guarantee our students great summers. For Match More to live on forever here, we need great partners sites who will give our students a hand and we need a community of donors who — right here on this site — will help us raise the money we need to run and fund Match More.

Imagine if we can pull this off. Imagine if our students — every year from Pre-K to 12th grade — are guaranteed a great summer experience.
— Stig Leschly

Match Education

Match Education is the shared brand name of Match Charter Public School, The Match Foundation, Inc., and The Sposato Graduate School of Education, Inc.

Match Education is an engine of discovery and applied innovation in education. We operate high-performing urban public charter schools, a unique graduate school of education that trains teachers for high-poverty schools, and a hybrid college and jobs program that seeks unprecedented degree completion rates and employment outcomes. Out of this applied work, we refine, validate empirically, and eventually disseminate new ideas and practices on core questions in education reform.

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